Colors of LA
Colors of LA

A short film for Virgil Normal


Day in, day out


Stories Of Liens


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50 years of Star Trek


Hold On

Asleep on a train
Asleep on a train

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Built To Resist 2020

Too Late Baby
Too Late Baby

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Ditch The Label

A Nice Idea Every Day
Vivien Weyrauch
Fabian Röttger
A Nice Idea Every Day was established in 2010. It’s a collaboration by image makers Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger.
Originally trained as cinematographers they have developed their own unique approach to directing working with a wide array of analog and digital techniques in music videos, fashion films and commercials. Since then they have worked with bands like The Knife, Palma Violets and Peter, Bjorn & John and directed commercials for brands such as Sony, Adidas, i-D, Chaumet, Eastpak, Nike and River Island. They have been nominated as Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards, featured as one of the New Video Visionaries by Dazed Confused and shown their work in exhibitions and festivals worldwide.
Screenings of their work include the Toronto International Short Film Festival, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Cameraimage Film Festival, the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, London Fashion Week, the Hammer Museum Los Angeles, the BBDO Directors Lounge and the Milano Fashion Film Festival. A Nice Idea Every Day is based between Berlin & Los Angeles.
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The signs said




but we did not listen.

Still dreaming

the American Dream,

still dreaming.

I tilted down with the camera

to photograph my shadow

on the street.

Just then – without warning –

I disappeared.

The very first word

my daughter said to me

was “shoe“.

In Kiev

in the back of a car

going to work,

I saw a group of soldiers

in the back of a car

going to work.

First snow,

magic snow.

Last snow,

no more snow.

I look so much


I forget to listen.

While producing COLORS OF LA
we always imagined a green car with a woman in it
that is dressed in all-green.
That night at Lassens,
a store for health food and greens in Echo Park
a woman dressed in all-green
got out of her custom green Porsche
in front of me.
She told me
her boyfriend gave it to her
because she loves green so much.
She was the nicest person
and donated the Porsche
for our film.
I later found out her boyfriend was Chris Rock.

I never get tired

of looking

at water.

In the early morning
in front of a closed flower shop
in Berlin,
on Valentine’s Day,
I saw a man
who looked
so lonely
and desperate
as if only the flower shop
could help him out
and change things for the better.



always better

in the sun.

My daughter's hair

used to be

so thick

combing it

took forever.



in the trash


I left

right after

the light

started to dissolve the man

standing on a rock

in front

of me.

I used to

love to

take walks

on the old graveyard

in Berlin.


When I went to a funeral


the mood changed

and I turned my back

and never went there since.

I did




I could


this much.

Not matter what

you photograph


you always



The nature in LA

at night

reminds me

of the dreams I had

as a child.

The rolls of film

I shot in the desert

got x–rayed so intensely

at the airport,

it gave the pictures

a new mood.

The dead seal
we saw on the beach
that day
looked like
a tiny kid and an old man
to me
at the same time.

Every day


my heart.


But it's ok.



lying on my favourite car

reading my favourite book

in my favourite city.

In no other city


rule the streets

like in Berlin.

Each time

I read


I instinctively grab my camera

and look why

somebody felt the need

to put up this sign.


To me

it might as well read


One day

having breakfast

on a trans-continental overnight flight

felt like

being awake in a dream.

Some time ago


I took this picture

of a snowstorm

with a camera

that I gave away


some time ago.

I like to think

that all the beautiful

rusty vintage cars in LA

become ghosts

once the sun sets

and ride through

the city

all by themselves

when everyone is sleeping.

The high–rises

right in the center of Berlin

are worlds

that tell stories

on their own.

An open bottle

of Mountain Dew

in Echo Park

reminded me

of the iconic words

from Alice In Wonderland:


“Drink me“.

One day

in a tiny bungalow

in Hollywood

we met a cat

who loved water.

There are so many

little details and nuances

you start noticing

when doing the same thing

over and over.

When we shot a commercial in Paris,

on the Pont Neuf,


our dancer,

in between her choreography

suddenly disappeared

on the small ledge behind the bridge.


On the Seine

I could see the tourists

looking as baffled

as I was.


when you look out of

a window

you're not sure yet

whether you look

into the past

or the future.

I love how the fog

in Venice Beach

appears and disappears

so quickly

without a warning

making the coastline look like

a forgotten ghost town.

came into this world
with her blue eyes open.
That day
at the beach
everyone went home.
Except for
this man
and us
looking for
something special.
"That's not allowed"
was what I heard from my
4-year old
when I tied her shoes.
We had just wrapped
shooting our short
"How to Disappear"
on this magical beach.
I turned around
and captured this moment.
It disappeared right after.

This picture

feels like it’s not taken by me.

And in a way that’s true,

because I was just there

at the right moment,

not giving directions

or setting up a mark for the butterfly where to land.

Just pressing the shutter.

When we travel with Faye
to different time zones
she always wants to know
if her friends afar
are awake
or asleep.

Waking up 

too early

in the morning


walking around with a camera around my neck

is still magical to me.

For a music video

we once filmed Claude 

lying in the gras

with a golden gun.

In the end

I didn’t like the video

and I don’t like guns

but for some reason

I still like this picture 

of Claude sleeping peacefully

with a golden gun.

When we shot a music video
in LA
our babysitter cancelled on us.
So Faye came on set.
We used her sand toys
to shovel dirt behind the wheels
of our '76 Mercedes.
When you enter Joshua Tree
there's a sign
telling you how much water
you need.
We had a lot of Gatorade
for photographs.
And ended up drinking it.
In the darkest times
of my life
when I had lost everyone
a little boy was climbing
a dead tree
so beautifully
reminding me
of what I had.
In spring
the trees are blooming
so beautifully
in LA.
It makes you want to die
under such a tree.
when you have not
been to a place
in a long time
you wonder
if it still exists.
I always loved this overpass in LA
with nature trying to beat the city.
Then a friend told me
that once a body got dumped there.
I think of this
every time I visit my friend.
I love cars.
I love yellow.
Every time we shot a music video
with a beautiful car in it
I had to rent it
pretending I was renting it for
a weekend with my boyfriend
– so I got it cheaper.
I did always spend the weekend
with my boyfriend
creating beautiful and personal
music videos together.
Probably not what they expected.

On Gran Canaria 

isolated through my lens

from the trashy and touristy environment

a girl sitting in the dunes

looked like

it just fell to earth.

Some time ago,

at the night before Christmas Eve 

in Dortmund, Germany.


We didn’t have any money,

and we passed a long construction fence.

Behind it were hundreds of chopped trees

all neatly lined up 

and we wondered 

what would happen to all these Christmas trees

if nobody bought them?


So impulsively we grabbed the nearest tree 

and pulled it under the fence.

It was our first Christmas Tree 



Years later 

we shot a commercial,

in a small Chateau in Paris,

owned by a rich American.

The art department brought in a small 

but beautiful Christmas tree,

that reminded me of

that stolen tree in Dortmund.

Claude who has 

big red lips

that she's hiding

with a telephone

shaped like

big red lips.

When Zelda 

was just a few weeks old

she looked like a doll

made of porcelain.